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Families with Children from China New England (FCCNE) is a volunteer-run non-profit organization that connects and supports adoptees from China of all ages and their families. We are based in Greater Boston.

Join us! Everyone is welcome to join our email list and receive our online newsletter.

FCCNE Membership is open to all Chinese adoptees and their family members. (Membership is now free - Details at bottom of page)


  • Celebrations - Each year we celebrate Lunar New Year, (for the past 6 years in partnership with the Pao Arts Center in Boston's Chinatown) and we share and promote other celebrations throughout New England, including the August Moon Festival, Dragonboat Races, and more.
  • Facebook Page — With regular posts, the FCCNE Facebook page is a great way to stay connected and exchange perspectives on issues of importance to our community with others around the world including issues such as identity, race, finding birth families, adoptee voices, and the Asian American experience.
  • Adoptee Planned Events for Adoptees - We collaborate with the adoptee created and led organization CCI (China's Children International) to plan workshops, events, and adoptee meet-ups in the Boston area, starting in 2017. (CCI suspended in person activities in 2020 due to Covid-19.)
  • Email Newsletter - Regular email newsletters share information on, and links to, events, articles, and resources related to adoption, China and Chinese American culture and connections with Asian American and adoptive communities.
  • Events and Programs - We partner with other organizations to present, cosponsor, and promote awareness of events and programs of interest to our community. Over the years we have developed and presented programs such as discussions with adoptees, returning to China, searching for birth families, and learning with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities.
  • Publications - We published VIEW, an annual magazine featuring the creative work and voices of adoptees through 2018 in partnership with FCCNY and FCC Northern California. For many years FCCNE published the journal The China Connection. We are currently exploring possibilities for new publication partnerships.
  • Advocacy and Current Issues — We share information about issues of concern to our community - such as responding to anti-Asian racism, ensuring citizenship for all international adoptees or affordable housing in Chinatown - regularly through our Facebook page and email newsletters.  

    • Everyone is welcome to join the FCCNE email list and receive the FCCNE online newsletter
    • Free FCCNE Membership: All Chinese adoptees and their family members are welcome to join FCCNE as members. In 2023, the board decided to make FCCNE membership free of charge. We hope to keep our community connected and ensure that cost is not a barrier for anyone. We are deeply grateful to the many thousands of individuals and families who have supported FCCNE since 1995 as dues paying members! (For those who have asked, you are still able to make contributions to FCCNE through our donations page.)

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